Fortune’s Wheel

Lydia Heather Knutson & Aaron Sheehan, voice
Robert Mealy & Shira Kammen, vielle, harp, voice

Music of the Valois

In the middle of the fifteenth century, the Burgundian court was one of the most musically interesting places to be in Europe. This program explores the rich legacy of the Burgundian court musicians, including masterpieces by two of the greatest stars of the fifteenth century: Guillaume du Fay and Gilles Binchoys. In 1440, these two were celebrated in an epic poem, Le champion des dames: “for they have a new practice in making delightful consonances… whereby marvelous pleasure makes their song joyful and significant.” We also include sublime rondeaux and ballades from the next generation, including some rarely-heard gems by Busnoys and others, along with joyous and meditative improvisations on contemporary basse dances. Read a review of a recent performance of this program here.

Mirie it Is!

An exploration of the rich heritage of medieval English music, including most of the few surviving vernacular songs from the period: passionate outcries, joyous celebrations of springtime, moving religious dialogues, and earthy love-songs. Our program also features some of the rich polyphony of the English fourteenth century, as well as infectiously danceable instrumental music, to bring you an evening of “joye and blisse!”. Read a review of a recent performance of this program here.


An evening of music from the springtime of medieval France, featuring the dances and songs of the trouvères, along with some of the earliest gems of polyphony by Adam de la Halle. Our program features dreamy love-songs, plaintive laments, and rousing drinking-songs, along with a collection of masterpieces by the “last of the trouvères,” Guillaume de Machaut. In this program, we follow Machaut’s own dictum: “Music is that science which makes us sing, and laugh, and dance.” Read a review of this program here and a review of our recording of this program here.

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